Professor Walter Johnstone

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Professor Walter Johnstone is the research Professor of Photonic Systems in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Strathclyde University.  His primary responsibilities lie in research leadership in Photonic systems and their applications.  Prior to his current status, he held senior management positions as Deputy Head then Head of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2006-11), followed by appointment to the post of Vice Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Engineering (2011-16).  He is also a founding director of a spin-out company, OptoSci Ltd. (1994-), a manufacturer of photonic gas measurement systems, general photonics instrumentation and educational products. His research has led to over 250 technical publications (over 100 in refereed Journals) and several patents. Recent research in laser spectroscopy applications focusses on accurate measurement of gas concentration, pressure and temperature in extreme environments, such as in the combustion zones and exhaust plumes of aero (gas turbine) engines at high temperature and high gas velocity. As well as carrying out basic research, his group is involved in the engineering of such systems for in situ industrial deployment and commercialisation. Sensing systems based on his research are now commercially available through OptoSci Ltd.

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